This is for a one-on-one headshot and branding session with Denise at the beautiful Coffee Paint Repeat studio in Meridian, your place of business, or somewhere of your choice! Up to 60 minutes focusing completely on you and what you do. These images will be of you, your team, your products, and could also feature you with a client. We will capture the mood, vibe, colors, and personality that you want to portray in order to attract your ideal clients!

THE Features

Business Branding Session

01. Includes 50-100 edited images delivered in an online gallery. PS. that's a ton!

02. The price to rent the studio is included. What?!? 

03. Denise helps with session styling and outfit styling based on your brand and inspiration. Yep, Pinterest is the best!

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This is a perfect session for small business owners who need images for their website, advertisements, and social media. Instagram posts that show your face are proven to get a higher engagement rate than those without. Help your audience and ideal clients get to know you through the images that you share with them. Sale psychology says that people purchase from those who they trust. I heard once that people who can see another person's eyes are more likely to trust that person. Think about it. A shady character on Scooby Doo will hide their face and lurk in the shadows. In older days, a deal was made when two people looked each other in the eyes and shook hands. Well, some of our businesses are online and a good solid handshake is not possible. So in that case, how many times do your eyes show up on your website? Instagram? Ads? Your customers need to actually see YOU. They need to see, in your face, that you are trustworthy, confident in yourself and in your product/service. Whether your ideal client is a bride, Mother-to-be, or a fellow entrepreneur, they need to see you doing the thing that fills you with passion. And that you're not a creep. 

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