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These are MINI sessions with yours truly, Denise!

-Spring, Fall, or Red Truck Christmas Minis

15 minutes focusing completely on you and the most important people in your life. Connections, personalities, and relationships are the focus of each mini session and range from sweet and tender to gut busting laughter. Pretty much, everyone has fun, including dad!

Bonus- Did you know that I am a pediatric Occupational Therapist as well? Aka I'm literally a pro at connecting with all kinds of kids and making things fun.

THE Features

Mini Sessions

01. a 15 minute time slot in a gorgeous fall location

02. Includes 5 images to download with print releases, perfect for Christmas pictures

03. Denise gives you everything you need to know about outfit styling, prepping your kids, etc. 

Have you had family portraits done but it was 5 years ago and it's missing one of your children? I remember growing up we had one professional image framed on the wall but it was taken before my little brother was born. We didn't have another taken until we were all in high school. So John was missing from the family photo on the wall for 14 years. Poor John. 

This option allows you to get at least 5 great photos of you family, every year, without breaking your bank. And you automatically have an image to send out in your Christmas cards. Boom, you are awesome and so on top of it!

How does it work?
-Check availability on the scheduling calendar
-Pick a date and time to reserve
-Schedule and pay right there online, easy!
-I'll send outfit ideas, tips on how to look and feel your best during a session, and how to prep yourself and kids for an awesome session 
-The session is completed!
-You will receive your images in an online gallery within 2 weeks of the session date!

Easy peasy lemon squeazy

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Total is non-refundable
Location to be determined
See Terms + Conditions here 


 Examples from last year's sessions:


Q: I'm a mom and I do not feel great in my body right now. I feel like it should wait a bit to lose the 20 pounds that I want to

A: You. Are. Beautiful. Now and forever! First of all, I consider myself a master at posing so I will always put you in a position that flatters your body and makes you look your best. I will also recommend outfits that photograph best for any body size and shape. Second, in 5 years from now you will regret not having taken them when your kids were little, a lot more than you will regret what you perceive will be uncomfortable and vulnerable for you. I promise you will feel comfortable in your own skin during the session and for decades looking back at your beautiful images!

Q: How long is your turnaround time? I need to get my Christmas cards out!

A: 2 weeks max! And you will have instant access to download your images right then and there to have printed wherever you desire

Q: Do I get print releases? And where do you recommend printing my images?

A: Yes, you will have permission to print your images wherever your heart desires! I will also give you great info about where to print for things like canvases, photos, and cards.

Q: My kids are absolute terrors, I'm not sure they will cooperate.

A: I have been a Pediatric Occupational Therapist for 6 years working with the toughest kids known to man. No joke. This experience has served me well in also shooting 100+ family sessions with children of all ages, abilities, and levels of cooperation. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve and will also give you some helpful tips in the planning and preparation process. Don't worry about it, I'm not worried. 

Q: I'm not sure that 5 images will be enough, how do I know if a mini session is right for me?

A: The reason 5 images totally work for those who book a mini session is because 1) most families only need one image for their Christmas card, 2) I love the look when 5 canvases are printed and hung (one in the middle and two on each side), it makes deciding what and how to hang SO much easier, and 3) it is way more doable for those on a budget who just can't pay for a full session every year but who still want to savor and capture their sweet family as it is today!

If you are thinking, "I really want enough images to fill an album for my coffee table" then maybe you should consider booking a full session with me! 

Q: Is 15 minutes really enough time to get a really good selection of images?

A: Oh boy, you should see how fast we have to work on a wedding day and the sheer amount of amazing images we deliver! One time we had 6 minutes to get ALL of the husband/wife portraits before the ceremony (we usually have 1+ hours) and you would be blown away by the quality and variety that we were able to get. We know what we are doing and we are good at it!

Q: Are my images going to look super stiff and posed?

A: Heck no! Posing is important, but even more important is "directing". I will give you specific things to DO that look great, not necessarily exact positions to stand in.

Q: What if a "Golden Hour" spot isn't available, are we still going to have good light for our time slot?

A: Another great thing about us being wedding photographers is that we have to work in whatever light we are given throughout an entire day. Sometimes a first look is at high noon, which can be an absolute nightmare for a new photographer. Luckily, I know exactly what to do in any lighting scenario. In fact, the golden hour, or the hour just before sunset, is not always ideal for a family session. So ANY time slot that is available is going to be during my preferred lighting for your session. 

Q: What if it rains?

A: I'm flexible and I'm sure you are too. I will have a couple backup days blocked out on my calendar to reschedule if needed. 

If you have additional questions please feel free to email me at: