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Behind the Scenes

we educate you to ensure a seamless day


we create a customized timeline for you


husband-wife team = always a second shooter


we include aerial photography (aka the drone) 


we direct, we don't pose


we are packed with personality


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our goal is to give you the best, stress free experience so that you can fully enjoy your day and your beautiful images 

10 reasons why we are the
best wedding photographers
 in idaho 





a huge online gallery plus a usb of your images

we get #alltheprettythings

we have only 5-star ratings, and a lot of them

we love our brides and we like to show it


during the consultation:

-we work on customizing a photography package that fits YOUR specific needs
-go over all of the details of the day to make sure your vision comes to life
-educate you about how long to plan for each part of the day so that the timeline runs smoothly 
-go over common issues that come up and how to problem solve them so that you don't get stressed out
-you will walk away with the confidence and ability to make your dream wedding a reality!

Oh yea baby, let's do it!

custom timeline:

-whether you decide to book with us or not, we create a custom timeline for your wedding day
-this eases a lot of stress in the next phases of the planning process
-we work very closely with your planner and/or dj to ensure smooth transitions
-we advocate for the appropriate amount of time for each set of images to make sure you get the images that you have dreamed about seeing on your walls


oh yea I need that, fo sho


the benefits of a husband-wife team:

-you will always have a second shooter at your wedding
-having a second shooter makes the timeline of the day go by much smoother (denise is getting the bride in her dress while bryan is capturing the shenanigans in the man-cave with the boys to make sure that the first look is on time. Between the two of us we cover a lot of ground on a wedding day
-we bring a lot of love and joy with us
-we have our communication down to a science, like that of a Navy Seal team, so we don't waste any time 

yes, 2 for the price of 1


we have an eye in the sky:

-let's be honest, the wedding is for the girls, the drone is for the guys (they love it!)
-as long as the venue allows it and the location follows airspace regulations we will have our drone in the air
-it is perfect during couple's portraits, highlighting the entire venue, and during the reception
-it adds a big-picture look at the entire day
-these shots are perfect additions to your wedding album
-we love capturing everything from the smallest detail like your earrings to the biggest
-aerial is an option during your engagement session as well

ok my fiance will love this

oh, PS, the drone was how I convinced Bryan to start shooting with me. When I asked him to be my second shooter his exact words were "do I get to fly a drone?"


we prompt, we don't "pose":

-the fastest way to make someone feel uncomfortable is to tell them what they're doing wrong
-we give our couples directions, something to do, and make minor tweaks from there
-example: "alright stand facing each other and get really nice and close. Now, Rylee, whisper in her ear something you are excited for on your honeymoon" (capture what unfolds) "now kiss her all over! neck, ears, nose, as fast as you can!"
-I cannot stand a stiff picture, so I work really hard to make things as comfortable and flexible as possible. Humor goes a long way in these scenarios!

wow that looks like fun!


packed with personality:

-our work is beautiful but that's not why brides book us
-it's because we are the kind of people that they WANT to spend 8 hours with on the most important day of their adult lives
-we are the ones there when their mom zips up the dress and starts bawling, when their groom sees them for the first time. we are calming her nerves right before she meets her dad to walk down the isle. we are right there all day long.
-my theory is: on your wedding day and during labor, you better be surrounded with people you enjoy who don't irritate you, or they could ruin your most special experiences
-our personalities are our biggest strengths and our greatest skill. we also know our way around a camera. bonus!
-we fell in love with each other because of each other's personality: kind, compassionate, and humorous. we each married the perfect person for us, 100%

let's hang out, future friend


the details are our fav:

-if you are engaged, how long do you spend on Pinterest a day? probably hours, I'm not wrong, am I (insert wink face). don't you want your images to be as 'pin worthy' as what you are pinning? we got you, girl 
-one of the first lenses we bought was the macro lens, because I it was very important to me to be able to get the best detail shots a girl could dream of
-we start a collaborative Pinterest board with each bride so that she can communicate her vision to us. if you pinned it, it's important to you. this really improves communication and satisfaction tenfold
-if anything, even the smallest detail, is important to you, then it's important to us

I want my wedding to look like my Pinterest board


nothing less than 5 stars:

-yep, you know what that means
-that means that we provide excellent, flawless customer service
-that means that we not only meet, but exceed expectations
-we have had parents of brides leave us a review the day after the wedding (without even seeing a single image) but of how we made them feel, our level of professionalism, and how personable we are
-this is not meant for gloating, that's not our style. we are just relaying the facts

what can I say, that's awesome

"we loved denise and bryan, they made me feel like a princess!"



we love our brides:

-we are so very grateful for every single bride we work with
-we create amazing bonds throughout the planning process and hang out with you all day on the most amazing day of your life
-we meet your families, parents, siblings, grammy and papa, dogs, and your very closest friends
-it's only natural for us to fall in love with you (maybe not as much as your hubby-to-be but pretty darn close)
-we cherish you!
-and we want you to know how much we appreciate you!!

I love you back!

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