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Wedding Workshop

April 23 + 24, 2021
Boise, Idaho

build a luxurious portfolio
featuring high end details that are sure to
attract your dream brides









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Our goal is to provide you with incredible opportunities to excel within your craft and make your mark within the luxury niche  

everything you need and want to know is here. Explore and enjoy! 





The schedule

I'm in,
let's do this!

A 2-day workshop at the most incredible private estate in Boise. We are providing photography and wedding industry education, multiple high-end styled shoot stations to photograph, extensive flat lay education, and networking opportunities with some of the biggest names in the wedding industry.

01. Attract your ideal client with a variety of incredible images

02. Learn from and connect with some of the top wedding experts, local and national

03. Become a flat lay pro through education and practice with a ton of styling surfaces and accessories


photo credits: nina grey

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I am the funny, outgoing, entrepreneur. I have a business degree and about 15 years of business and sales management experience. I feel fulfilled in life by helping others achieve what they thought was previously impossible. I'm competitive by nature, which probably stems from all the years I played football, up through college. I balance my passion for success with humor; we love to have fun in our family as much as we love winning. You can often find us in our living room playing family board games, laughing our heads off and singing our own made up songs. 

I am the bubbly, energetic, artist. My soul is absolutely filled when I am able to create something beautiful, which is why, after 5 years of infertility, my baby girl was the greatest blessing ever. I grew up in Spokane and also lived in Miami, one mile from the beach, while earning my Master's degree.  I crave connecting with people, can't survive without the sun shining in my hair, seek out all kinds of natural beauty, and I am driven to teach what I know and help others. Now, as long as I have lots of time outside and with my family, and some pickles nearby, I'm a pretty happy camper. 

Boise may be home for this Idaho native but I have to credit my 7 years in Las Vegas, working in the hospitality industry, for my passion towards customer service and planning... and the desire to throw one hell of a party! After graduating with a degree in Nutrition Science from UNLV, I fell into the wedding world, working with some of Las Vegas's finest wedding vendors, and decided to make a career change. Even though I love health & fitness, you could say I'm more passionate about designing, decorating, & perfecting ALL the wedding details. After moving back to Boise, with my husband and two fur babies (Stella & Arty #crazycatlady), I started Ivory & Sage Events; a wedding planning company designing memorable events through the detailed eye. I love to work with other creatives, thinking outside the box on design logistics.


ivory and sage


denise and Bryan

meet your hosts


denise and Bryan Photography

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On a sandy beach next to a huge private lake



Two incredible table designs on the white pillar porch with a bar and signature cocktails

table scapes


Pre-styled invitations, rings, ribbon, wax seals, trays, styling mats, flowers, shoes, veils, ring boxes, and vow books

Flat lays


Three very different cakes as well as a dessert table with macarons and other goodies. Yes we can eat them when we are done! Bonus!!



An editorial-type design with a huge hand painted backdrop (light blush) to be able to focus on the bride and her most important details



A beautiful styled display of the dress, veil, shoes, bouquet, gold hanger, earrings, and ring set

Bride's details


A dreamy row boat on the edge of the water covered with flowers featuring a model couple and a gorgeous bouquet 

row boat


A Bachelorette Pool Party with floaties, cute suits, styled lunch tablescape, invitations, etc! I am most excited for this!

pool party


Using a multitude of details from day 1, we will have plenty of time to learn how to master and practice the art of the flat lay

Flat lay workshop


A super classy and bright boudoir session including two models, one in a bedroom with a balcony, and one in a milk bath with flowers



After the rotations are completed everyone will have a chance to go back to get more images of anything that is setup during this free time

bonus hour

styled shoot stations

the styled shoots


Each station is limited to a maximum of 5 photographers/ videographers at a time who rotate through multiple stations a day

Every photographer/ videographer will have a certain amount of lead time in each station before rotating to the next 

Both days allot additional time when rotations are done to allow ample opportunity to shoot any extra details

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the inspiration

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photo credits: Kenzie Victory

photo credits: lauren fair

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want to take a closer look at the mood boards?

The majestic 10 acre property is sprawling with some of the most serene natural beauty in the Treasure Valley with its own private lake and white sandy beach shores. It is perfect for intimate weddings, hosting up to 100 guests.
This gorgeous estate boasts a sparkling heated infinity pool, inlayed hot tub, huge theater room, paddle boards, a sand volleyball court and so much more!


the location

more images

rooms available to stay Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night 

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reserve your

guest speakers + Sponsors 

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flatlay education 

A huge portion of this workshop is going to be Flat Lay focused. We will include education, time to photograph multiple pre-styled flat lays, and a break out session where you will have an opportunity to utilize your new knowledge (and our amazing curated styling items) to create your own flat lays! 

You get to take advantage of our collection of styling mats, handmade paper products and luxury invitation suites, ribbons, ring boxes, wax seals, and florals to build an incredible repertoire of flat lay images 

"Not only are those detail shots extremely meaningful to your couple, they can also quickly make or break publication potential" -Cat Shultz

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"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."
-Steve Forbes

This Would Cost You

The Location ($3500)
Flat Lay Education ($1500)
Floral Arrangements ($4000)
Styling Mats ($500)
Ring Boxes ($350)
Silk and Velvet Fabrics ($600)
Studio Boise Lighting Class ($150)
Multiple Bridal Shoes ($800)
High End Perfume Bottles ($300)
Wax Seals and Stamps ($200)
Styling Trays ($170)
Dress Cleaning Fees ($300)
Buying Rings for Photos ($250)
Miscellaneous Styling Items ($500)
Included Meals and Catering ($200)

Total Investment Worth $13,620 

Do you struggle to get paid what you feel you are worth?

Do you want to raise your prices but you fear no one will book if you do?

Do you take on a ton of budget brides just to end up burnt out and uninspired?

Or do you want to add variety to an already amazing portfolio?

your Investment 

I knew that attracting a luxury bride meant I needed to create a portfolio packed with luxury inspired images. The only problem: those things are freaking expensive. If any of you have ever planned a styled shoot for yourself you know that 1) it takes a ton of work, and 2) it comes with a lot of out of pocket costs. 

No one alone could pay for, plan, and execute the magnitude of what we have in store for this workshop. It has taken a team of highly talented individuals coming together to elevate the industry and give back to our community of wedding professionals. Together, we can accomplish so much more than we can alone!

Your Investment:


early bird price, increases to $1400 on March 23, 2021
additional $199 to stay both nights at the venue

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Each meal is included in the ticket price


Let's do this!


photo credits: dylan kyle

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i'd like to come but i'm not a photographer


Day 1:

Flatlay Workshop
(Education and Shooting)
Styled Shoot Rotations
Catered Lunch
Rocky Mountain Bride Social Media Workshop
Styled Shoot Rotations
Happy Hour Cocktails at the Estate
Dinner out on the Town

day 2:

business education workshop
styled shoot rotations
catered lunch
Systems and Processes
Styled Shoot Rotations
q&a session with workshop speakers
Happy Hour
catered dinner at the estate

The Schedule